2019 Summer Reading List for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The prelude to summer is officially underway, as smoky aromas from cookouts and children’s laughter occupies neighborhood backyards. Brick-and-mortar businesses update their window displays to include abbreviated summertime hours. Everyone’s looking forward to relaxing along the beach with friends and family. And, of course, summer would not be complete without the essentials – our 2019 summer reading list for leaders and entrepreneurs!

Whether you plan to rest and relax along the shores of Miami Beach or San Diego, you’ll want to stimulate your intellect with thought-provoking works. To assist you with your summer reading book search, we’ve compiled a list of sought-after books by some of our previous International Leadership Summit (formerly International Pastors and Leadership Conference) speakers, as well as other faith-based authors.

In no particular order, here’s our 2019 Summer Reading List for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

1. Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power by T.D. Jakes

At a time when embarking upon an entrepreneurial endeavor has never been more celebrated, T.D. Jakes, New York Times best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, and global thought leader, released one of his most intimate, empowering reads yet. This personal narrative explores the darkest hours in which T.D. Jakes felt helpless and crushed, with no reprieve. However, once he uncovered God’s strategy, he began to recognize those crushing moments as momentum for his most significant victories!

So, what do you do when the vicissitudes of life overwhelm your strategic vision and aspirations to launch the next innovative offering? How does your business transform last year’s financial loss into this year’s financial win? If you’ve ever felt a crushing so crippling that you surrendered faith in your dreams to the hands of foreboding, allow T.D. Jakes to illustrate God’s strategy for turning pressure into power. Regardless of the endeavor, this New York Times bestseller is a must-have for your 2019 summer reading list for leaders and entrepreneurs.

2. Think Better, Live Better by Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen says, “When your mind is filled with thoughts of faith, hope and victory then that’s what is going to become a reality in your life. When you determine to think better, you’re destined to live better.” We couldn’t agree more. In his latest New York Times bestseller, senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, emboldens readers to examine how they think, to uncover strongholds that hinder God’s blessings for an abundant life.

Imagine how confident, creative, and charismatic you could be as a successful entrepreneur or leader if you embraced a paradigm shift in your professional, as well as your personal life. How would you lead differently? What new business offerings would you explore? The answers lie in the renewing of your mind. If self-sabotaging behavior is limiting your ability to close business deals, or simply enjoy life – this transformative book by Joel Osteen will equip you to reprogram your mind. Leaders and entrepreneurs, are you ready to abandon the defeatist mindset so that you can think better, live better?

3. Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People by Bob Goff

One of life’s most daunting tasks is also one of life’s most extraordinarily ordinary yet consequential tenets, which is to love everybody, particularly difficult people. Whether you operate a global nonprofit arts organization or a local beauty and wellness bar, you will inevitably encounter less than desirable personalities. However, when you discover how to go against the grain and love those individuals, the positive outcomes are infinite. To this end, Bob Goff, New York Times best-selling author and Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda, penned his latest read to illustrate how to love life (and people) in a disillusioned world.

This insightful book will help you become a more effective, compassionate, and intentional leader. From beginning to end, Goff’s work showcases some of his most taxing circumstances. You’ll journey with him as he recounts overcoming rejection, befriending enemies, and so much more. Prepare to cultivate healthy commercial partnerships to familial relationships when you add this book to your 2019 summer reading list for leaders and entrepreneurs.

4.   Ferocious Warrior by Cora Jakes Coleman

For those of you pondering how to defeat the enemy’s tactics in your professional or personal affairs, prepare for battle. Cora Jakes Coleman, sought-after preacher, author, and children’s ministry director of The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX, shares invaluable insights that will render the enemy futile…Every. Single. Time. Quite honestly, this dynamic book is not for the faint of heart. However, it is for leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to dismantle the enemy’s most destructive attacks.

Throughout this intimate “war manual,” Cora delves deep into her personal struggles with depression, insecurity, infertility, and more, to effectively equip you to overcome your own battles. To reign victorious, you must understand the anatomy and psyche of your opponent; a cursory approach will not suffice. When you arm yourself with the five principles of prayer, the enemy must surrender to the authority of Jesus Christ. If you’re ready to become a ferocious warrior, be sure to include this book in your 2019 summer reading list for leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s time to battle!

5. Hope in the Dark by Craig Groeschel

If your enterprise were to fold tomorrow, what would you do? How would you react to the unsettling news of your spouse’s demand for a divorce? In both of these scenarios, your faith would be tested in unimaginable ways. If you knew that you could see (supernaturally) in the darkest hour, would you abandon hope in God’s facility to manifest the miraculous?  Craig Groeschel, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and creator of YouVersion, the world’s most downloaded Bible app in history, offers sage advice on how to exercise faith in his latest book.

Craig’s invaluable teachings about hope are inspired from biblical insights, as well as personal experiences. From the Bible story recounting the demon-possessed son’s encounter with Jesus, to Craig’s own experience grappling with his daughter’s health challenges, God is always faithful. With that said, this stimulating read is certainly one you’ll want to add to your 2019 summer reading list for leaders and entrepreneurs. Once you’ve unpacked all of the profound lessons from this book, you will never oscillate between unwavering faith and uncertainty again!

This concludes our 2019 summer reading list for leaders and entrepreneurs. We hope that you’ve found some empowering books to include inside of your leadership toolkit (and beach tote) this summer. It is only through continuous education and learning that we evolve into effective leaders and ambassadors for Christ in our professional and personal endeavors. So, which books will you read this summer? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter via @IPLExcel and let us know in the comments section.

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