CEO Robert J. Brown is the founder and chairman of B&C Associates, Inc., a management consulting, marketing research, and public relations firm headquartered in High Point, North Carolina. A North Carolina native, he is also the chairman and chief executive officer of B&C International, Inc., and president of the International BookSmart  Foundation. Founded in 1960, B&C has served Fortune 500 companies, including General Motors Corporation and Coca-Cola Company, among others.

In 1956, he entered the field of law enforcement, serving as a local police officer and then as a federal agent with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. In 1968, he served as Special Assistant to President Richard Nixon after taking a leave of absence from B&C. He later returned to B&C in 1973, to assume his previous roles.

Brown attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Virginia Union University. As a strong supporter of youth, education, and nonviolent programs, he serves on the boards of High Point University, National Urban League, Horatio Alger Association, and the Richard Nixon Foundation. He resides in High Point, North Carolina. To explore more about Brown and his achievements, visit


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