Kenneth Braswell is the CEO of Fathers Incorporated, an award-winning, national nonprofit organization that supports fathers, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in providing capacity building services to organizations focused on fathers contributing to the wellness of their children. He brings 30 years of collective work experience managing and leading fatherhood and community programs. Additionally, he serves as the national director of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearing House (NRFC) (, where he directs and guides the strategic activities as a national and international resource for fathers, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. He is the foremost authority on fatherhood and fatherhood initiatives in the United States whose work has appeared in The New York Times, among other well-known media outlets. He is the author of several children’s books and curricula for practitioners, as well as the creator of two powerful documentaries: “Spit’in Anger” and “Dark Hearts.” Throughout his career, Kenneth has managed over $70 million in Fatherhood programming. He serves on several national boards and committees, including the Little Free Library. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Kenneth currently resides in Atlanta. He and his beautiful wife, Tracy, have five children; he is also an uncle and grandfather.


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