Visual Listening

Digital Strategies, Part 3
By Tiffani Robinson, IP&L Guest Speaker | Digital Marketing Expert
There are over 3 billion images being shared online a day. That’s over a trillion images in a single year! The incredible thing about that astounding number is that digital marketers cannot read what those images might contain which poses the question, what opportunities are they missing?
Until now digital marketers could only gain information or knowledge about their service or product through text-based posts, therefore, missing non-text posts that could include their brand through their logo or slogan. With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, organizations are now able to find and optimize greater speeds from what is now being coined: “Visual Listening.” I first noticed the capturing of data openly when Facebook started requesting access to my database to identify people in photos through their facial recognition software. It greatly helps someone with a visual impairment, like myself, because it now allows me to join the conversation and discover a whole digital space otherwise uninhabitable for others alike. Top industry brands have taken use of this new edge and the rest of us will be sure to follow very soon to gain that competitive advantage in a very saturated digital world. I want to provide you with an amuse-bouche of possibilities for Visual Listening in hopes that it will spark an appetite to dive into the very early stages of the new digital era.
Customer Service
When customers are displeased with a certain service or product, they typically share their experience via the web for the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. What happens if an Instagrammer, a highly influential one, simply posts a product with the hashtag “#TheWorst”? How will the company of that product be able to identify and rectify that situation if all that’s available is the text? With Visual Listening, they are now able to scan the web and find all images with their logos in them and turn a once disgruntled customer into an advocate again. Just as you would flip a bad opportunity, you can extend a positive conversation as well.
Think about how many Amazon boxes go out in a single day. Now, think of the eager social media users that snap pictures of those products fresh out of the box for their blogs and various digital spaces. There is a grand opportunity here for both the supplier and retailer. Let’s say, hypothetically, that there is a new natural hair product that primarily sells its line on Amazon. At that same time, Amazon might want to reach a new demographic targeted towards health-conscious, organic friendly women. This presents a partnership between both of them to increase sales and possibly position both companies to the public in a favorable way in the eyes of a cause-driven society. By the consumer taking a picture of that product with the Amazon box in the background, probably with their logo present, artificial intelligence (AI) can alert them of the post. And, if an increasing amount of similar posts are created, a potential partnership can form.
New Endeavors
With this evolving technology, brands are able to enter into new markets with little to no effort. If you are a clothing line with an attractive logo that’s very popular in one region but want to expand, Visual Listening would be your tool to leverage.  What if said clothing line currently markets to older, affluent women in Europe but, with the virality of the web and the intrinsic desire for young people to always uncover the latest trend, the line could substantially grow with the simple posting of their newfound follower. It would take just one Influencer with thousands of followers, all over the world, to post one photo. Simply from that memorable logo and Visual Listening, that line can optimize, attain, and immerse itself into a new culture quickly.
There are just so many opportunities we are truly starting to discover with AI that at the date this is posted, so many new advancements would have more than likely exceeded what we are currently aware. Hopefully, I have provided enough information to get you started on your way to truly leave a digital footprint large enough to be seen a gazillion terabytes away! Think of digital marketing as a blank canvas. If Design Thinking is the conceptualization of that masterpiece in your head, then Storytelling is the paint and brush to make that masterpiece come to fruition. And, Visual Listening is how people respond to your work and what you choose to do with that knowledge. Embrace this new wave. There is information for your taking. Discover. Learn. Paint.

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