Dr. Anita Phillips Shares Mental Health Tips for Leaders

With the International Pastors and Leadership Conference less than one week away, we are honored to highlight this mental health visionary and speaker – Dr. Anita Phillips. This week, we encourage you to explore our Instagram page, for an exclusive ‘Dr. Anita Phillips Instagram Takeover’ curated just for you! During this social media takeover, you’ll get acquainted with this phenomenal minister, licensed therapist, and professor, as she takes you on an intimate journey to unpack the importance of mental health tips for leaders.

Did You Know?

According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI):

  • Approximately 43.8 million American adults experience mental illness in a given year.
  • In the U.S., adults living with serious mental illness die on average 25 years earlier than others, chiefly due to treatable medical conditions.
  • More than 90 percent of people who die by suicide show symptoms of a mental health condition.
  • Only 41 percent of American adults with a mental health condition received mental health services in the past year.

These are just some of the distressing mental health statistics that attempt to define our fellow brothers and sisters each year. However, equipped with the proper mental health tips for leaders, among other mental health resources, everyone can experience a life brimming with gusto and purpose. As someone who grappled with her own childhood challenges regarding mental illness in a pastor’s family, Dr. Anita Phillips has made it her life’s mission to advocate for the mental health community. She holds degrees from the University of Maryland, the Regent University School of Psychology and Counseling, and the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. Today, Dr. Anita Phillips serves as the program director for the master of arts in clinical mental health counseling at Lancaster Bible College in Washington D.C.

Mental Health Tips for Leaders; Professional Women

One of the most significant stigmas concerning mental health is the notion that anyone who struggles with a mental health condition is “crazy” and therefore, deemed unworthy and unfit for society. Unfortunately, this false narrative has been retold throughout the years by way of movies, television shows, and various other media works. To this end, we tend to subconsciously store these stories in our minds, as we interact with others in the workplace, among other spaces.

For those in leadership positions, the unspoken mandate to maintain a seemingly “perfect image” only further indulges this narrative. Leaders and employees often make every effort to uphold  façades than to seek mental health assistance. Whether you suffer from an anxiety disorder or bipolar depression, know that you are not alone. Fortunately, as mental health advocates like Dr. Anita Phillips continue to bring awareness to this taboo topic, we are primed to dismantle the stigmas with mental health tips for leaders in America – and worldwide.

If you’re a leader, pastor, or entrepreneur, or you know of someone who is one, please share the following mental health tips for leaders outlined by Dr. Anita Phillips during this week’s Instagram Takeover.

Tip #1 – Accentuate the Negative

Unfortunately, leaders often forget to look in the mirror during risk analysis. We monitor the marketplace but fail to monitor our mind, allowing economic concerns to eclipse emotional red flags. If you’ve succumbed to this obstacle in the past, please implement these mental health tips for leaders as part of your self-care regimen. On the last day of each month, conduct a self-check. How do you feel? Are you anxious? Sad? Angry? Overwhelmed? Address negative emotions immediately. Laugh, talk with a friend or see a counselor. Your productivity ultimately depends on it.

Tip #2 – Listen to Your Body

In Luke 12:48, we’re reminded: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required.” Stress and leadership go hand in hand but digestive problems, fatigue, headaches, or persistent illness may be your body’s way of telling you that you’ve crossed the line! In fact, chronic stress is linked to the leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, and suicide. One of the most overlooked mental health tips for leaders is to be intentional about reducing stress. Exercising, setting realistic goals, and incorporating intentional relaxation are a few ways to live better – and longer!

Tip #3 – Depend on Other People

Be it ministry, a bakery, or corporate America; visionaries are never “off the clock.” Although passion is good, tunnel vision can separate us from the people we love. God designed us to live in relationship! To this end, research shows that we are all happier when we nurture our connections with family and friends. Never be too busy to take care of your relationships! Your mental health depends on it.

Mental Health Tips for Leaders; Doctor's Visit

We hope that you have found these mental health tips for leaders practical and meaningful, as you develop a customized self-care strategy. To explore Dr. Anita’s additional mental health tips for leaders, please head over to our #IPLExcel Instagram page every day this week. There, you can participate in this mental health conversation with Dr. Anita Phillips via the comments section. And, she may even answer some of your mental health questions during this takeover.

Dr. Anita Phillips is looking forward to meeting you on April 25, for her breakout session about mental health at the International Pastors and Leadership Conference in Tampa Bay.

For those of you who missed the online registration deadline of April 17, please head over to Bishop’s Village, where you can stream the conference from your home!

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