How to Strategically Prepare for a Purposeful & Prosperous Year

With every new year comes a new vision and new opportunities. And while we may be unsure about what 2021 holds, we know God has our destiny in His hands. During this time, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, and all-around go-getters are setting their plans in motion, but here’s how you can strategically prepare for a purposeful and prosperous new year:

1. Seek God for Strategy

This first point may seem like a given, but do you acknowledge God as the Owner of your business? It’s crucial to understand you cannot make wise decisions without seeking Him for direction first. When planning for the year ahead, don’t forget to include God in your business meetings. The same way the CEO makes executive decisions regarding an organization’s direction, every decision should have God’s approval stamp. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, this is your game-changing strategy. It’s easy to get caught up in observing and admiring the success of others around you, and at times, it’s tempting to want to replicate what’s working for them. However, this leads to getting off track. God called each of us to a unique purpose, and we’ve been placed on different paths to get there. God wants to share His instructions concerning you with you, but it won’t happen until you become intentional about seeking Him for His plan.

Leader reviewing insights for her business.

2. Reflect on What Worked, What Didn’t & Make Adjustments

What strategies did you successfully execute in 2020? What projects didn’t yield the results you were expecting? In what areas can you make changes? These insights are useful to know so you can forecast a prosperous new year. During this time of reflection, focus on your business financial statements so that you know how to strategically plan for the upcoming year. Understanding how much revenue you generated last year, how much you lost, and how much cash flow you’re going to need to realize a profitable year is critical.

The Convene White Paper titled, “24 Ways You Can Build A Christ-Centered Profitable Business,” tells us, “to help your business stay focused on the right things, create a set of simple key indicators, which allow you to quickly assess the health and direction of the organization in a timely manner.” Your KPIs let you know what to hone in on and how you need to pivot if necessary. Have you noticed what content performs well on your social channels? What marketing strategy drives the most sales? Your keen awareness and assessment of this information also allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Team coming together to strategically prepare via Zoom.

3. Make Sure Your Team is on One Accord

Now that you’ve sought God for strategy, reflected on what took place, and forecasted for the year ahead, it’s vital to ensure you’re building a reliable team. It’s one thing to have excellent ideas for your business, but  it’s beneficial to have a brilliant team on board to execute those ideas. One of the best investments you can make is in your team because when you help sharpen their skills, everyone can elevate the organization.

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