Leaders Discovered Which Way Is Up at Our ILS Virtual Experience

What a phenomenal time we had at our first ILS Virtual Experience! We not only found which way was up, but our mindsets and perspectives were renewed as we gleaned so much insight from some of the most thought-provoking leaders of our time. Although we had to pivot from our in-person gathering, this year’s conference was reimagined to help leaders and their teams make sense of the chaos, clear the debris from our 20/20 vision, and provide clarity on how to move forward in these most unusual circumstances.

Now more than ever, we need revolutionary leaders. But, more importantly, we need leaders who know where they are headed. More than 16,000 faith leaders, CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and so many others registered for our ILS Virtual Experience. Then, to our surprise on the first day of the conference, more than 29,000 registrants logged on to our virtual platform. That caused some turbulence on our end, but we made our way through it.

We kicked off our first day with an empowering session by Michael Todd that reinforced the importance of remaining anchored in God, especially as leaders. “When your anchor isn’t secure, you have the opportunity to drift,” Todd shared, as he left us ruminating on where we’re dropping our anchor. Then our visionary, T.D. Jakes., took the Main Stage with an incredible message, “The Forensics of Greatness,” that reminded us of the importance of having “good bones” in the areas you have been called to lead.

We transitioned into our breakout sessions that covered topics from “The Way Out Is Up” to “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” to “All Things Technical,” and so many more, all addressing subjects critical to every leader as we continue to move forward. So much knowledge and mentorship filled these sessions that it was impossible to walk away without feeling full.

Day Two kicked off with enriching words from Judah Smith and Tudor Bismark, followed by more breakout sessions covering ministry and business. We later savored a Master Class conversation with Bishop Jakes and Tyler Perry, who shared his awe-inspiring story of faith and resilience. Most of us know the award-winning writer and producer for his iconic character Madea, but his backstory to success is truly admirable. During the Master Class, Perry dropped nuggets of wisdom including, “Don’t look at closed doors as places to stop” and “There is a blessing and a gift in being underestimated.”

On our epic final day, we sat in on a Master Class with the award-winning entertainer, comedian, and author Steve Harvey. In addition to homing in on how success is a mindset, his session offered this key takeaway: We shouldn’t have a “Plan B”; we must find other ways to make “Plan A” work — you have to give it your all. He shared so much practical insight, we strongly suggest you check out the replay of his Master Class, now accessible on Bishop’s Village or at OnDemand.TDJakes.org

Bishop Jakes closed out our ILS Virtual Experience giving us clear direction on which way is up. Last year, we witnessed how our lives were disrupted, but as Bishop said, “Disruption is the mother of innovation.” In his powerful closing, he called leaders to proceed to the highlighted route that’s taking us higher. No one walked away the same way they began this conference.

We’d like to give a special thank you to our sponsors, Concordance Academy, Janssen Neuroscience, and our partner, Compassion International. We’d also like to thank all of our hosts, speakers, performers, and staff. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We’re headed to Charlotte, North Carolina, for the 2022 International Leadership Summit! Join us as we continue to elevate by registering now at ThisIsILS.org.

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