What is the Plus-9 option, and can I use it now?

Yes! We understand the value our leadership summit brings to leaders like yourself. As such, we’ll help you gift this opportunity to others. Your registration automatically allows you to extend the ILS Virtual Experience to nine additional people of your choice.

Whether they be your co-workers, staffers, ministry volunteers, or friends, gift them the opportunity to level up alongside you and thousands of others during this three-day directional shift! The global connections and game-changing wisdom you’re guaranteed to receive from this year’s ILS Virtual Experience can be shared with these nine (or up to nine) individuals.  This feature is considered one of the many invaluable gifts we’re offering current registrants.

Our new Plus-9 feature is only available for the 2021 ILS Virtual Experience. Once our in-person international gatherings resume, this feature will not be applicable. Please take advantage of this now.

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