George Bloomer

Residing in Durham, North Carolina, with his wife and two daughters, Bishop George G. Bloomer is the founder and senior pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center. Outside of the pulpit, Bishop Bloomer speaks to college students and youth, nationally, on how to overcome life’s challenges employing wise decision-making. Bishop Bloomer holds a doctorate in Religious Arts in Christian Psychology and conducts seminars on relationships, finances, and stress management. He has appeared on several television and radio talk shows, including 700 Club, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and CNN. Additionally, his national broadcast can be seen every Sunday morning on The Word Network. In 1996, he founded Blooming House Publishers for new authors, and a year later, he established Blooming Records for upcoming music creatives. As a renowned author, his various literary published works include: “Looking for Love,” a national bestseller, and “Throw Off What Holds You Back.” Today, he continues to travel extensively, delivering a message to liberate and impact the lives of thousands for Christ.