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ILS Blog: Digital Marketing Expert Tiffani Robinson

Is Your Organization Recession-proof?

By Tiffani Robinson, IP&L Guest Speaker 2018 | Digital Marketing Expert First, let me state that no one organization is necessarily recession-proof just like there are no zero-calorie foods. What do I mean? There are some healthy alternatives that cause your body to work harder to digest OR burn more calories ...

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Visual Listening

Digital Strategies, Part 3 By Tiffani Robinson, IP&L Guest Speaker | Digital Marketing Expert There are over 3 billion images being shared online a day. That’s over a trillion images in a single year! The incredible thing about that astounding number is that digital marketers cannot read what those images might contain ...

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Digital Strategy and the Emergence of Design Thinking

Digital Strategies, Part 2 By Tiffani Robinson, IP&L Guest Speaker | Digital Marketing Expert If you have ever encountered me in person either in a crowd or in passing, more than likely you will notice how inquisitive I might be. It’s not that I am trying to intrude into your personal life. ...

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Digital Storytelling

Digital Strategies, Part 1 By Tiffani Robinson, IP&L Guest Speaker | Digital Marketing Expert At first glance, one might inquire about the wealth of knowledge I might possess in reference to Digital Marketing. You see I have over ten years in the field with a few published works available and conferences I’ve ...

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