Don't leave your team behind. Take your plus-9 to the top!
Which Way Is Up?

Ongoing challenges stemming from the pandemic have left leaders around the world asking this question. The debris kicked up from the obstacles of this historic past year has clouded the next step in front of us, making it difficult to see which way is up.

To help you and your team gain clarity on how to move forward, we have reimagined the 2021 International Leadership Summit (ILS) as a virtual event: The ILS Virtual Experience, April 29 through May 1!

Leaders, don’t leave your team behind. Take your plus-9 with you to the top as an ILS registrant —at no additional cost! Your team members, support staff, friends, or family members can join you in learning, collaborating, and creating a fresh perspective sparked by expert-led discussions!

Check back soon for exciting updates on our schedule, sessions, and FAQs.


Since 2011, the International Leadership Summit (ILS), formerly the International Pastors and Leadership Conference, has cultivated aspiring and tenured entrepreneurs, leaders, and influential change agents with invaluable leadership insights from Bishop T.D. Jakes, ILS visionary and founder.

Inspired by his New York Times bestselling book, “SOAR! Build Your Vision from the Ground Up,” ILS continues to be one of the most transformative leadership conferences celebrated by the world’s brightest minds.

Bishop Jakes will lead our 2021 ILS Virtual Experience alongside a lineup of illustrious industry thought leaders from April 29 through May 1.

The ILS Virtual Experience will canvas every topic — from technology to global economics — critical to the CEO, faith leader, and budding entrepreneur through dynamic sessions, discussions, and master classes.

Are you ready to learn how to navigate and lead your teams in these uncharted waters?      

Join us.


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Sunday 6-2 pm, and Monday-Friday 6-6 pm.
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