ILS continues to be one of the most transformative leadership conferences celebrated by the world’s brightest minds. While Our 2023 International Leadership Summit (ILS) empowered you to grow into a valiant leader in volatile times, this year’s ILS will help you level up and learn to harness the power of timing. From knowing when to capitalize on evolving technology to taking action at the right moment, timing is everything!

It’s not just your turn,
it’s your time!

Cycles and patterns govern everything, from the rise and fall of world powers to the pace of natural phenomena to the beating of our own hearts. The outcomes of the most predictable cycles of our planet, our weather, and our very own bodies are affected by timing.

We often ask WHAT are we to do, but the next optimum question is WHEN to do it! In every industry, creative thoughts have an expiration date. Even the most innovative ideas can fall flat if not executed at the opportune moment. What is genius at one time can be antiquated at another.

Timing is everything!

Could your past failure simply have been the right idea at the wrong time? Are there opportunities for you now that were once out of reach? Yes, there are rhythms to effective leadership and innovation.

I invite you to join me at the 2024 International Leadership Summit! We will learn to harness the power of timing together. Timing is the usher of destiny. It’s not just your turn; it’s your time!

Register today and become the leader you were created to be.

-T.D. Jakes