When you find yourself caught in the chaos of the storm, you can always achieve calm during the most difficult times through connection with God. He is the steady constant no matter how tumultuous the winds blow.

T.D. Jakes’ “Steady in the Storm” lesson offers 10 practical tips for finding calmness through times of anxiety and uncertainty:

1. Put Faith Over Fear: Have faith in God even during the most stressful situations, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Faith can help you overcome the fear that causes anxiousness and even anger.

2. Acknowledge God’s Presence: God is always with you, even in the midst of life’s storms. Trusting in His presence can provide comfort and strength.

3. Anchor Yourself in Prayer: In this teaching, Jakes emphasizes the power of prayer as a way to find stability and keep your mind calm and peaceful in turbulent times. Talk to God. Ask for His guidance.

4. Build Resilience: You can develop resilience in the face of adversity. Storms may come, but your ability to bounce back is crucial.

5. Focus on Your Purpose: Your storms can reveal your purpose and calling. Sometimes, it takes adversity to discover your true potential.

6. Find Support in Community: Lean on your faith community and seek support from others during difficult times. It might be your storm, but that doesn’t mean you have to navigate it alone.

7. Grow Through Challenges: Storms can be opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. They can refine your character and strengthen your faith in the pursuit of peace and calmness.

8. Trust God’s Timing: God’s timing is not always your timing, but His timing is always perfect. He knew what you needed before He formed you. Trust in His plan, even when it seems delayed.

9. Learn to Persevere: Know that you CAN endure the storm, and it may be the beginning of something beautiful. Find calmness knowing that the strength to persevere is in God’s omnipotence.

10. Never Lose Hope: Storms do not come to stay, they come to pass. There is genuine calm waiting for you on the other side of pain, uncertainty, or confusion.

We hope these takeaways serve as valuable insights for navigating the storms of life with faith and resilience. For more wisdom, click here to watch the entire message.